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Listen to your friends: amicable divorce process is the way to go

Divorced Pennsylvania residents have likely shared their stories with their friends and family: recounting why their marriage went south, how their significant others treated them through the process and, ultimately, imparting knowledge of what to do and not to do when seeking the split. According to a new study, the advice of a divorced individual can prove quite helpful to married friends.

Many divorced adults who have gone through a simple, uncontested no-fault divorce will likely tell their friends about how amicable and effective the entire process was. Empowered to reach an agreement themselves without the interference of family courts, those who go through such a divorce can quickly resolve this difficult moment in their lives with tangible, specialized terms that actually compliment the realities each spouse faces. And, all the while, each party saves money on court costs and lawyer fees.

The research, dubbed the Early Years of Marriage Project, studied 373 couples over a 25-year period starting in 1986. Researchers found that 46% of these couples divorced. Many of them stated they had no strong positive or negative feelings about their former spouses; and these people lived happier and healthier post-split lives. Once their divorces were final, they let things go and moved on with their lives.

And that's the critical element of this research, at least in terms of a simple, uncontested no-fault divorce: when we say the process is amicable, it doesn't necessarily mean that you and your ex are going to be friends going forward.

It is conceivable that it could work that way, but the "amicable" process of such a divorce means that you get through the divorce without the typical hassle, anger and stress associated with convention divorce. You and your spouse work things out, complete your divorce and move on. Such an easy split allows you to conclude this chapter of your life and move on to bigger and better things.

Source: MSNBC, "Your divorced friends may give the best marriage advice," Joan Raymond, July 25, 2012

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